Friday, February 8, 2013

Subscription Box Review: Quarterly Co. Food52

I've become completely obsessed with subscription boxes and really enjoy reading reviews of different ones every month.  So...I thought I would start to review some of my boxes.  I currently receive 11 different boxes but do cancel and add new ones often so there should be a good variety.  I also hope to review some other products and cookbooks/recipes.

Quarterly Co. is a subscription box service in which you select which box you will receive from a list of what they call contributors.  Each contributor curates a box on a three month basis.  I really like this service because you can subscribe to a few different contributors and get a real great variety of items.  I'm subscribed to the Food52 box and it arrived yesterday.  I have sort of mixed feeling about this one but overall am pleased.   See what's inside.

Box value:

Bar Keepers Friend -$5.00
This is great for hard to clean pots and pans or ceramic stove tops.

I liked this lip balm but my goodness every subscription box I have sends lip balm.
Enough lip balm already!  

All natural charcoal filters for water.  These are really neat and will be a great conversation piece at my next dinner party.  The sticks are to be washed, boiled and then just dropped into a pitcher of tap water.  They capture impurities in the water and infuse the water with minerals.  Pretty cool, I think!

Total:  $26.00
Price for monthly subscription:  $25.00

I'm excited for their next mailing as they hinted to asparagus season in the enclosed information sheet.  Check back soon for my next review!  

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